About Us

Born out of a hobby and a love of sourcing my own vintage and antique jewellery, I decided to set up Golden Trove.

After once being unable to find the kind of ring I was looking for brand new, I discovered I could source all kinds of unique, intricate and very special one-off vintage and antique pieces that fit the bill.

They were high quality, made with real gold and precious gemstones, and I knew I’d be unlikely to find the same design anywhere else. Finding them would feel like finding treasure, and their rareness made them all the more special.

To combat my obsession and share my finds, Golden Trove has been created.


Why Buy From Us?
✦ All items are solid gold, so you can wear them every day without worrying about spoiling them.
✦ They hold their value, unlike buying gold plated or gold filled – if you ever change your mind or need the extra cash, you can easily resell!
✦ Buying solid gold is also more sustainable than buying plated, it means less waste, which is better for our planet, and jewellery that will last a lifetime (also think heirlooms handed down).
✦ Antique & vintage rings are a lot more intresting! It can be fascinating to look into the history of a ring, and understand why that style was popular/created at the time.

Thanks for checking out Golden Trove!

Follow us on Instagram @goldentrovejewellery - we’d love to hear from you if you have any sourcing requests or any questions!